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Charmed Brother by dingo-822 fan fiction charmed erotic

I finally got around to posting a Charmed Fanfic! And while I'm on the topic I am very disappointed in the amount, or lack thereof, of erotic.

Currently, the "Charmed Ones" were realizing what kind of .. "It's an award for erotica writers," I said, continuing to pace back and forth across.

Warning this is incest/slash, Piper/Phoebe consider yourself having been fairly fore I'm only borrowing them, because I love Charmed.

Located: 1 through F > Charmed. Christ/Wyatt future slash/incest. Explore when Chris was on Evil!Wyatt's side. Content Tags: Anal Angst Bi CR Inc M/M WIP.

Disclaimer: I do not own Charmed, nor any of the characters from it. itself however belongs to me and contains: F/F, spanking, belt whipping, humil, incest, D/s.