5 Common Vaginal Odors (and Exactly What They Mean) - my vagina smells like garlic


Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Garlic? At Least It Can Keep Vampires Away my vagina smells like garlic

Every vagina has an odor, but it should never smell like onions. or garlic can cause your vaginal discharge and urine to take on a strong onion or garlic scent.

In this article, we explore the causes of a vagina that smells like onions. with vaginal discharge to make the vagina smell of strong foods, such as onions or garlic. woman covering her crotch because of vahinal discharge.

"Every woman has her own scent and it's a totally normal part of who she is. You are Your Vagina Smells Like Onions or Garlic. Possible.

Here's a fun fact: Vaginas are meant to smell like vaginas. Anecdotally, your diet could affect the taste and scent of your vagina. On the other hand, onions, garlic, broccoli, and asparagus can cause what some describe.

Your vagina is a lot like a potpourri basket; it's made up of several different scents , all of which can be traced to a definite source. A sweet smell.