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Xena: Warrior Princess NUDE scene unearthed as star Lucy Lawless celebrates birthday - Daily Star xena warrior princess naked

LUCY Lawless blew everyone’s minds when she starred in 90s TV hit Xena: Warrior Princess – and this steamy scene shows why. Vewers have been left stunned by this risque scene with co-star Renee O’Connor – who played sidekick Gabrielle – from the first series of the classic show.

Xena likes Gabrielle better when she's naked. Now, now, this is just for fun! We all know that in REALITY (grin), Xena and Gabrielle share a deep and meaning Xena: Warrior Princess - Xena and Ares - Sexy Couple (Lucy.

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From Xena Warrior Princess s01e19 Altared States Lucy Lawless.