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We become parents. His pregnancy kink gets exposed at a conference. An afternoon with a lactating mother. They meet again. The further adventures of a very.

The Preggo Club Ch. 02. Marilyn and Emilio enroll as Members of the Club. by dutchpantyraiderFetish 03/21/2019. 4.24. 9.7k. 10. 1. 9.

Preggo-Lit will collect various stories, allowing previously neglected stories to be seen :iconpregnancy-fetish::iconbigbellyroleplay::iconliterature-accepted.

2 comments. Pregnancy Fetish Fiction12. Comments3 . Only in the sense of a transformation story where a person who is mentally male is in a female form.

Kyle was stunned at the comments Cristine just made to him saying she was pregnant and it was his. After a few seconds he replied to her.