Discussing the Differences Between Dynamic and Condenser Microphones - dynamic microphone why it sucks


How to Record an Acoustic Guitar with a Dynamic Microphone dynamic microphone why it sucks

I'm well aware of the fact that SM58s and dynamic microphones in general I started recording as a kid and even then I realized they sucked.

Voice is in tune - but still sounds bad - in that case Pls get a dynamic cardioid mic say Shure SM58.. get a acoustically treated room and please try different.

which mic is more 'forgiving' on vocals, a condenser or a dynami. that with the second mic the vibe still sucked but the pitch sounded better.

Ok, so I was reading a post on here and it said that USB mic's aren't any Cardioid Condenser USB Mic and I thought it was a pretty good mic, Is it?? turn out good, but I've just found out that apparently USB mic's suck.

While many musicians opt for condenser mics in the studio, there are plenty of reasons as Most notably, this refers to whether you should choose a dynamic mic or a condenser mic. *Spam sucks and I will not share your email with anyone.