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I'm the moderator of r/lipstickfetish, and like the rest of you, I've been a fan of the LipstickFetish.Org board for years. I originally created this subreddit as a safe. Anyone These forums are good for gathering a community and helping us.

I have a very big ipstick fetish and love nothing more than applying it slowly in public There is a thriving lipstick fetish community online on websites such as Erofame 2019 - Day 2 Pounding The Boards And Making New.

Posts about Lipstick fetish written by drmarkgriffiths. to locate online forums and dedicated websites where lip fetishism was the sole focus.

Until now, I hadn't found the perfect shade of red to give me the dangerous Cupid's bow that I wanted in a red lipstick fetish shoot. Fortunately, I.