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Geoffrey Charles Ryman (born 1951) is a Canadian writer of science fiction, fantasy, slipstream He is gay. In addition to being an author, Ryman started a web design team for the UK government at the Central Office of Information in 1994.

Geoff Ryman's Lust is a very difficult book to talk about. he has difficulty with loving himself and other people, he's gay and he's impotent.

The Warrior Who Carried Life [Geoff Ryman, Wendy Gay Pearson] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To defeat her enemies... she must.

Geoff Ryman was born in Canada but at age 11 moved to the US, where he earned gay or an SF writer, I'd have said gay: kills you stone-dead in the market.

Geoff Ryman, the author, eventually expanded it into a novel called The which I interpret as a play on AIDS, known then as “the gay plague.