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Male Breastfeeding Kit Could Let Dads Nurse Their Babies man breast feeding kits

A male breastfeeding kit that allows dads to feed their babies is on the way. For dads, breastfeeding is one area of baby care they're not.

"It challenges the fundamental meanings of male and female, father and mother, Dads have been hacking their own chestfeeding kits using bottles (so without.

An 'empathy tool' for fathers, the kit involves taking several drugs through the partner's pregnancy so that the man grows milk ducts at the time.

The kit involves a man taking a cocktail of drugs throughout his 'The kit contains a compression vest that acts like a breastfeeding bra,' she.

A U.K. design student is currently developing a breastfeeding kit that would allow men to naturally produce breast milk through a daily dose of.