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Angle Side Side postulate does not exist. Look at the picture to understand why... ass postulate

This is why there is no Side Side Angle (SSA) and there is no Angle Side Side ( ASS) postulate. The way that many people remember this fact is that the ASS.

If you ever sat through an average high school geometry class, at one point you inevitably learned about ASS. And just oh so many acronyms for triangle congruency postulates. And, almost everyone that recalls these usually had an experience with a math teacher that made some.

Date: 11/16/2001 at 20:32:34 From: Zakiyah Subject: SSA, AAA or ASS postulates Can you please tell me in detail why the ASS, SSA, and AAA postulates can't.

The SAS Postulate required congruence of two sides and the included angle, whereas the ASA Postulate requires two angles and the included side to be.

When we have two triangles, how can we tell if they're congruent? They may look the same, but you can be certain by using one of several triangle.