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Do Not Get Possessive Over Your Lesbian BFF At The Gay Bar possessiveness and lesbians

Let's discuss the green-eyed, insidious relationship monster known as jealousy. It can be a real problem for many lesbians or LGBTQ couples.

Possessiveness in Lesbian Relationships. The first time a new love shows a spark of jealousy, as long as there are no true theatrics involved.

Attention self-identified straight women who have at least one lesbian friend: Do not — I repeat — DO NOT get possessive over your lesbian.

The funny thing about gay people is, they are all people. Whatever human characteristic you might look for among gay men and lesbians, you.

Reactive, Anxious and Possessive Forms of Jealousy and Their Relation The sample consisted of 76 gay men, 79 lesbians, 70 heterosexual.