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The San Fernando Valley is an urbanized valley in Los Angeles County, California in the Los .. At the time, the 1971 San Fernando earthquake was the most destructive event to affect greater Los Angeles since . The valley became the pioneering region for producing adult films in the 1970s and grew to become home to a.

of divine wrath at the San Fernando Valley as the national capital of the sex it's God's retribution for having the adult video industry in the Valley, well, Their release was delayed--but not denied--by the Northridge quake.

The Fort Tejon earthquake is still considered to be the highest magnitude quake on record in California. This 7.9 monster was felt in Los Angeles, San Francisco.

17 earthquake was America's pornography industry: the heart of it is in the San Fernando Valley, and the valley was at the heart of the quake. a week," said Mark Kernes, manager of Adult Video News, a trade magazine.

Most Californians remain unprepared for an earthquake the size of the one that . at the Sherman Oaks East Valley Adult Center last Wednesday. For the San Fernando Valley's economic centers, post-Northridge quake.