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Regardless of a Fashion Model's Age, It's About Rights - NYTimes.com is adult modeling legal

With the Charter on Working Relations With Fashion Models and Their rules that exceed legal obligations and apply around the world for the models who work of 16 to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots representing an adult.

Yes, it is legal in AZ. You will want to make sure there are no local zoning laws against your activities. It would be worth it to pay a lawyer to.

It is as long as they are over 18 (or whatever legal age), and you are not being Hidenori Inagaki, Shoot model for fashion / advertisement or fine art project.

When I started modeling at 14, I was unprepared for the adult pressures I In New York, models under 18 are legally required to have work.

A webcam model is a video performer who is streamed upon the Internet with a live webcam Once viewed as a small niche in the world of adult entertainment, camming today has become "the engine of the porn industry", . Many, in fact, are successful professionals in their field – whether it be law, the arts or academia.