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Probably not. Head trauma from play or sports is a common concern for parents, but rarely does a bump on the head result in serious injury. The forehead and.

Minor head injuries are common in people of all ages and rarely result in any permanent brain damage. If your child experiences a knock, bump or blow to the .

Aug 2, 2018 What’s Causing This Bump on My Forehead, and Should I Be Concerned? A bump on your forehead, even if it’s small and doesn’t hurt, can still be cause for concern. Swelling under the skin (called a hematoma or “goose egg”) is usually a temporary symptom of head trauma.

Almost all children will bump their heads, especially when they are babies or toddlers and are Head injury occurs more often in young children than adults.

Read NHS information about minor head injuries, including how many people It is also thought that alcohol may be a factor in up to 65% of adult head injuries.