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A group of Texas women are filing a lawsuit against a website where men post explicit photos of their ex-girlfriends. Jeannie Mai Tears Up Comparing Jeezy to Ex-Husband FreddyPageSix.com. The man running the site and men submitting photos to the site have nothing good coming to.

You have learned an important fact. You can't have an honest adult relationship with someone who is still controlled by anyone (or thing) other than themselves.

The question i ask in counter argument is: are you ready to work hard for it? Are you willing to focus your energy on your realtionship? Are you.

A 15-year-old Wisconsin teen allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and then shot and wounded her mother, even after she pleaded with him, saying.

I recently watched the movie 'Young Adult' starring Charlize Theron, and I couldn' t help but notice the similarities to the plot of 'Crazy Ex.