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List is a work in progress. Most films here are 'R' rated, but there's a few PG-13 movies as well. Sometimes an 'adult' film is more in the tone.

50 Greatest R-Rated Comedy Movies. Zack and Miri look to solve their respective cash-flow problems by making an adult film together.

The 100 Best Comedies of All Time (according to people who actually watch comedies) of Zucker's timeless classics which can survive any number of murderers. . Men In Black not only entertained adults, but terrified children into believing.

Funny R-Rated movies are a really hard thing to pull off, too, because a good adult comedy has to take from all the best sexy comedies and factor in the good.

Stripes, which is inexplicably my mother's favorite comedy of all time, left the . if it's the last of the classic Adam Sandler films or the first of the not-so-classic Adam . but gentle, honest man, who shows her the curative power of real adult love.