Why I Quit Sucking My Thumb at Age 34 (Yes, It Was a Business Decision) - adults sucking thumbs


Adults thumb-sucking: One in ten do it, but what are the reasons behind it? - Sunday Post adults sucking thumbs

While thumb sucking isn't an issue in babies or young children, adult thumb sucking may be embarrassing and in some cases may pose oral health problems .

Adult thumb sucking is more common that people think, but it is a secret habit. Most adult thumb-suckers are afraid they might get judged or.

Or, like millions of grown-ups, do you still suck your thumb today? Researchers reckon more than one in 10 adults suck their thumbs, although.

According to a survey, 12 per cent of adults continue this childhood habit. Its persistence is partly due to the fact that sucking is the first reflex we.

I have to admit that adult thumb sucking is something which I have often thought about as someone I know well has sucked her right thumb all.