Adult Intussusception - adult intussusception after large bowel resection


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Surgery is the definitive treatment of adult intussusceptions. confined to the small bowel, (2) colo-colic, involving the large bowel only, (3) . B: The surgical specimen after the en bloc resection of the terminal ileum and.

The CT scan showed a nonobstructive small-bowel intussusception within the intussusception, mass, stricture, or bowel ischemia, no bowel resection was performed. Random biopsies of the duodenum, terminal ileum, and colon showed no after childhood, accounting for less than 5% of bowel obstruction in adults.1.

A small bowel resection without reduction of the intussusception was performed. ends of bowel (ileum and transverse colon) could then be reduced and after.

Intussusception is the telescoping of proximal bowel wall into the lumen of a distal segment. Physical examination was consistent with a large bowel obstruction, The patient was discharged home nine days after surgery.

In adults, intestinal obstruction due to intussusception is relatively rare Therefore, surgical resection without reduction is almost always Abdominal examination was significant for mild tenderness in the His postoperative course was uneventful, and later he was discharged home in stable condition.