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any serious adult hobbyists? adult hobbyists

Lately most posts are by teenagers, but many of the long time forum members are serious adult hobbyist I think. They may just have less time to post.

Beckett has been an adult LEGO hobbyist for 10 years. When standing, his shoulders hunch upward and his head sinks forward.

Katriina Irja Heljakka, DA in visual culture, MSc in economics, and MA in art history, is a toy researcher. Heljakka currently holds a postdoctoral researcher position at the University of Turku (digital culture studies) and continues her research on toys and the cultures of play.

Exploring Theorists',. Hobbyists' and Everyday. Players' Rhetoric in Adult. Play With Character Toys. Katriina Irja Heljakka1. Abstract. The article aims to present, .

This research, part of a larger series of investigations of American adult STEM hobbyists, aims to fill that gap. Surveys were completed by 2,838 respondents.