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Levi sat in the stroller squirming the blue onesie a bit itchy. He was push passed other rooms with adults dressed like babies. He gulped and noticed screens.

Getting the mood and environment right can be tricky. Rules like " the nursery is an adult baby zone" Makes it easier to know what is expected. Personally, I have .

So I thought I would share the rules mommy and I made. Role: Adult Baby, Little You will use toddler/baby sized utensils or your hands.

They are called Darlings baby diapers. this is the size 7 (largest size they actually manufacture). I have been trying to find a set of rules for my wife/little. Location:Myrtle Beach; Real Age:27; Diapers:Adult Baby; I Am a.

Sep 25, 2019- The best adult baby girl out there. Felicity rules!.