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Support & Stories. Born This Way: Personal Stories of Life with ADHD . a child with the disorder, but very few addressed living with ADHD as an adult. McCabe .

When you’re frustrated by symptoms or worn down by criticism, read these inspiring stories of perseverance and success — and find support from people who truly understand. Maroon 5's Adam Levine: "ADHD Isn't a Bad Thing" You're not alone if you have ADHD, says Maroon 5's expressive.

Thinking back about it now, he feels it was just so like him to end up starting a business on impulse, without a plan. Classic ADHD! The year was 1995 and.

The human cost of undiagnosed ADHD is incalculable - the broken families, suicides, careers lost, unhappy lives and unmet potentials.

Let me tell you about a success story of mine, a college student who I'll call Carrie . Carrie is about to finish her sophomore year in college after a very, very rocky.